Glorian viimeiset reivit! Club Infektio w/ SÄDE Oldschool union 23.2.2019

What an amazing ending to an amazing venue! This was the last rave party ever held at Gloria in Helsinki. The place is closing down for renovations and the operations are moving elsewhere. This venue has been in use for two decades and there are a lot of great memories there. Notably raves hosted by the SÄDE collective. So it was only fitting that we invited them to hammer down the last nails to the casket with a mad two our 4 DJ b2b set. Shit got crazy on and off stage, but I guess it had to happen exactly like this.

I played a rather eclectic set again with some classic aggrotech/Dark electro sound, some modern dark bass and some other great tunes I’ve been wanting to play for a while. Don’t take my word for it though, listen to it yourself. The whole set was recorded live, so I could finally post another set to my MixCloud. Here’s the Tracklist:

Iszoloscope – All Is Immensity and Chaos
Stigmatroz – Tu Rencor
Seraphim System – GODOFDEATH
Centhron – Aeterna 6
SITD – Cicatrix
Shiv-r – Eye Of The Needle
OJJ – Mörkö
Da Octopusss – Moon Drop
Moris Blak – Breaker no. 1
Sirus – My Own Summer (Deftones Cover)
The Midnight – Days of Thunder
:Wumpscut: – Bunkertor 7
Feindflug – Stukas Im Visier
Old School Union – Rasistit Fasistit (Protectorate mix)


Hocico, King Satan, Evestus @ On The Rocks 17.8.2018

Hocico in Finland 2018

I wasn’t expecting to see Hocico in Helsinki any time soon, after club Syn/\psi stopped organizing things. They seemed to be in such good terms and had some really good shows. But times move on and Findustry/Elektrik Produkts booked them to perform at the newly renovated On The Rocks bar. Evestus from Tallinn was warming up hocico in all of the three dates set for the weekend and King Satan was the second warm up in Helsinki. I got myself the gig to play as one of the afterparty DJ’s and started just as Hocico had finished.

Evestus had this nice Marilyn Manson vibe going on

The shows started early with Evestus opening at 20.30. As to be expected, not many people had found their way to the venue yet. Evestus did good nevertheless. The brand new video projections worked like a charm, adding to the show but not taking too much attention away from it.

King Satan

King Satan is a relatively new Finnish industrial metal band that draws from the same vein as Turmion kätilöt, Fear of Domination and countless others. I would probably have liked it 15 years ago, but now I’ve seen and heard this done too many times. Big up for the guitarists for jumping down from the stage and playing in midst the audience for the last song! King Satan wasn’t anything new, but they’ve certainly found their crowd touring in Finland.

I hadn’t been to On The Rocks since they closed it down for renovations for what seems like ages ago. I liked what they had done with the place. The stage had been moved to a slightly better location and the sound system was top notch.

Hocico tearing it up

I played a set starting with some dark synthwave. Can’t have more than a few tracks of that until the sound gets boring so I followed up with some happy hardcore / Hardstyle sound and ended with something that I traditionally play. There was a good amount of crowd during the Hocico gig, but most of them obviously went for drinks at the bar after they finished. There was a nice dancefloor during my set. I had to leave early right after I finished this time, so I’m not sure how the night ended. Looking forward to visiting On The Rocks again though.

Shredder 1984 – Unleash Chaos
GOST – Bathory Bitch
Perturbator – Neo Tokyo
DJ Gollum feat. Scarlet – All The Things She Said (Radio Mix)
DJ Splash – Face Down Ass Up (Original Radio edit)
Unter Null – Godless (Hard Dance Remix by Studio-X)
FGFC820 – Call To Glory
Miseria Ultima – Scarlet
Suicide Commando – Cospiracy With The Devil
Sirus – Wolves of Wall Street
Grendel – Neon City Lights
Sortaja – Jumalauta, poika
W.A.S.T.E. – With No Head
Childish Gambino – This Is America (MOЯIS BLAK x Aqua Vitæ Remix)

Racso from Hocico & DJ emanon

Club Interface presents Noisuf-X, Miseria Ultima 19.5.2018

Cyanotic – T3RM1N8T0R – Opening Titles [Alternate Mix]
The Retrosic – Total War
Gasoline Invertebrate – Freak Drive
Velvet Acid Christ VAC – Caustic Disco
Panic Lift – Hold On
Haujobb – Let’s Drop Bombs (Dupont Remix)
iVardensphere – It Is As Blackness Is
ESA: Electronic Substance Abuse- That Beast
OJJ – Marssi
Code 64 – Accelerate (Apoptygma Berzerk vs. OK Minus Remix)

This was actually my first time visiting Club Interface. I’ve been following their events curiously, but never managed to actually go before. They’ve had some difficulties budgeting their events and even had to cancel one of the big two floor parties they had planned. Now that they managed to book Noisuf-X, I thought it was due time I checked out their club personally.
The venue itself seemed nice for an intimate event such as this. They didn’t have much lighting at the venue, but the VJ Move & Sindustry guys more than made up for the lack of lights by using video projectors and mapping the whole stage area. I brought in my own smoke machine, but even though I mentioned this to Tommi, the main organizer, the information hadn’t gone through to the venue and they hadn’t adjusted the smoke detectors accordingly, so I couldn’t use it. Nevertheless, with the dancefloor packed and the VJ’s on deck the place looked real nice.

God Destruction – Angel With The Scabbed Wings (Marilyn Manson Cover)
Cardinal Noire – Just One Fix (Ministry Cover)
Sortaja – Jumalauta, poika
C-lekktor – Radioactivity (Radio Mix)
Basszilla – Basszilla’s Bitches
Die Sektor (Official) – Accelerant
DJ 3RR0R – Future Friends (Knife Party cover)
Extize – Industrial Kombat

I was a bit afraid that the soundchecks and schedules might not hold up. It’s a common problem with unexperienced promoters. However, when I arrived on site, the Noisuf-X guys had already finished their soundcheck and my friends Miseria Ultima were finishing up theirs. I mentioned to Tommi, that we might want to move the DJ booth from the FOH to the stage, but other than that things were looking good. I went backstage and grabbed a beer.

Club Interface

We had plenty of time until the doors opened so Tommi escorted us all out for dinner. Tommi didn’t want to use the restaurant services at the venue, but instead walked us to a nearby burger joint. We had a nice meal with the bands, even though not having ordered beforehand, the orders took some time. Tommi, DJ Ikari, had to call XLR8 and ask him to step in from the VJ booth and cover for him for his first set, since we were still eating when the doors opened. I’m sure he did a good job and it was a learning experience for them. If at all possible, always order the foods beforehand.

But all in all, it was a nice event. Noisuf-X cancelled their WGT gig for this, which I found shocking, but then again, they’ve played there for so many years in a row, that I guess I can understand it. They had about a hundred people at the venue who were really into the music, so based on this experience, I’d suggest you pop by next time Interface has an event.

Club Infektio 5.5.2018 Live: Riot Kitten, Sortaja

 Infektio event cover

We returned to Elmun baari with Club Infektio. The venue is pretty ideal for a small scale event for about a hundred people. Had out own lights and had Niki from Elektrik Alliance help us out along with the awesome visual art of Voeman Decotiimi. We hadn’t really planned for any live bands for this event, but somehow we ended up having two of them. Riot Kitten finally got to play their gig that got cancelled last time around and Sortaja got their first live in Helsinki as well. The audience seemed to like both of ’em and we had a nice vibe on the dance floor throughout the night. Sadly I missed our guest DJ’s PvP and Anna Artemova Adams, which represented fresh faces in the Helsinki DJ pool.

DJ emanon 5.5.2018

Suicide Commando – Gates of Oblivion
:Wumpscut: – Wulf
Grendel – Severed Nations
Huoratron – DdoS
OJJ – Mörkö
Da Octopusss – Moon Drop
Moris Blak – Deluge In Red
Memmaker – Sunstorm
Ruinizer – Go To Hell (Feat. Seraphim System)
Rave The Reqviem – Fuck The Universe (Seraphim System Remix)
Horskh – Trigger
C-Lekktor – Cyborgs

Infektio 5.5.2018 Dance floor

Club Infektio 30.3.2018

Infektio 30.3.2018 Poster

This time we were heading back to basics with a DJ only -type of event with Infektio at Gloria. With no bands headlining the event we weren’t expecting a huge turnout and wanted to create an intimate evening with dancing and chilling in a cyberpunk setting. To achieve this, Voeman Decotiimi did an amazing job with decorating the venue. The Decoteam and VJ Biolum. had an idea to bring the DJ booth away from the stage and we closed the upstairs of the venue to make the whole dance floor more intimate. I have to say they did an amazing job!

DJ emanon

Here’s what I played:
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 – (A)llied (M)astercomputer
3Teeth – Nihil
Xentrifuge – Machine Winter
Psyclon Nine – Crown Thy Fornicator (Enigma TNG Remix)
Hydrocyanic – Hellagood (No Doubt Cover)
Gasoline Invertebrate – Freak Drive
Noisuf-X – Done in 15 Minutes (Club Mix)
SITD – Zenit
Cygnosic – This is the night (Tanz Mix)
Essence Of Mind – Escape (Club Mix)
David Hasselhof – True Survivor
Rave The Reqviem – Aeon (Tranced By Alien Vampires)
Panzer AG – Behind A Gas Mask
Hatari – X

The decorations at Club Infektio were outstanding!

Overall we had a really nice night. Good amount of people, great atmosphere and a supreme selection of music. We’ll be back with some bands next time on 5th of May, but this DJ only type of event is something I’d like to come back to at some point.

The best industrial albums of 2017

Some of the CD’s I’ve accumulated this year

I’ve never been very good with posting those top 10 lists of any year. Despite the amount of music I listen, it usually takes me longer than a year to find all the true gems that are out there. That means I tend to miss out on some cool stuff each year. In any case, here’s my top 5 of 2017

1. Horskh – Gate

The French electronic duo is something you get when you mix Huoratron with Punish Yourself and throw in some oldschool Combichrist. The sound is fresh, aggressive and most definately dancable. I would love to see these guys live.

2. Grendel – Age of the Disposable Body
I was kinda afraid of this release, since I loved the previous “Timewave:Zero” so much. The band has been changing their sound quite a bit since the early days and I was afraid they’d do something I don’t really care for like Combichrist and Dawn of Ashes have. My fears were not met, since the album is a great mixture of something old and something new. JD seems to have listened to his share of Retro Wave, but didn’t ride the wave, but instead just took some nice elements from it and made it part of his own sound. The clean vocals on this release also prove that the distorted singing is no more fashionable and lyrics that actually say something are. I like the fact that Riot Kitten got represented with their remix on the second CD.

3. Legend – Midnight Champion

The Icelandic synth bands debut album has been one of the highlights of recent years and the long waited second album delivers just what we’ve all been waiting for. The cold melodic tunes and Krummi’s soulful singing are the things that make this the best synth pop release all year. The track that really stood out for me is the more rock oriented “Scars” that prove the band also has a rougher history somewhere in the punk/metal scene in Iceland.

4. [:SITD:] – Trauma: Ritual

Just when I thought the Harsh Electro sound is dead, something like this comes up. SITD have always had a gift when it comes to combining beautiful melodies with the harsher soundscape of the German dark electro scene. This realease is a perfect combination of highly polished sounds, both clean and distorted vocals, canorous synth lines and just the right amount of cheese on top.

5. 3Teeth – Shutdown.exe

More guitars, more aggression, more grinding of teeth. 3Teeth have been touring a lot with big names such as Tool and Rammstein, but still managed to release their second full lenght. There’s one question I can’t get my mind over though. 3Teeth have always been on point with their visual appearance and identity and mastering social media with topical memes. So why does the new album cover look like something a teenager in 2002 came up with his first pirated version of Photoshop?

In addition to these there are some singles and EP’s I’d like to point out.

Seraphim System – Beasts
The Beast (Ten Horns And Seven Heads Mix) is a class A example of EBM (Electronic Black Metal). Aggressive throat singing combined with black metal guitars and an electronic sound that’s pretty much what you’d get when you mutate Pantera, Skrillex and Behemoth into a single track.

ESA – Bad Blood Will Out

The classic ESA sound with a brand new music video gives me high hopes for the upcoming album. Damn that guy can make a catchy rhythmic noise beat!

Riot Kitten – Regicide
The Helsinki based band made up with about half the Infektio Crew has been circle jerking in their studio for way too long. They finally released their second single Regicide with a nice remix by Cardinal Noire on the side during the summer. I hope they speed up the pace in 2018 and release more than just another single. Hard to tell where the kitties are going with their sound based on just two tracks, but if the rest of them are up to par, I’d say we could expect a nice debut album coming up.

2017 in review

The year has changed and we’re one step closer to partying like 2085 again. I didn’t do that many gigs this year, but I did celebrate my 10 year anniversary as a DJ. We tried out a couple of new venues with Club Infektio, and might return to Elmun Baari again this year. Too bad the upstairs of Bar Bäkkäri closed it’s doors for good. The 2 room party we had there with Dead Souls Gathering was a blast. There aren’t too many suitable venues in Helsinki to host an intimate 100-200 person event these days. I’m glad we’re in good terms with Gloria where we can always organize something bigger and memorable though.

INFEKTIO vs. Dead Souls Gathering on January 2017

Met some cool new people along the way. I think IO//IO played one of their first gigs at our event in January. I hope the guys keep making music and we get to see them again. Protectorate and their side project Cardinal Noire have been active with releasing new material and doing gigs. In addition to the gig at Infektio they’ve played some shows abroad. Oddly enough, they seem to be more popular outside of Finland enjoying an obscure underground status of some sort.
I  played at the Findustry Winterball with Velvet Acid Christ and got to meet Bryan. He’s a nice guy when you talk to him face to face, but dear god he needs to cut back on posting on social media. The VAC facebook page is so full of cringe material, that I’m always on the edge of just unliking the page.
The biggest thing we did this year was the pre mayday celebration at Gloria with a line-up that could almost be counted as a small festival. Jamie Nova from DWA played a huge part in organizing all of this. Our primary goal was to get CygnosiC to play Helsinki, but ended up getting not only the awesome modern industrial metalists Rave The Reqviem but Seraphim System as well! The crowdfunding of the gig Seraphim System did was something I couldn’t have believed myself. But everything worked out like a charm. Got to met “The Beast”, drink some beer with the Swedes, confuse the hell out of  Cygnosic’s Georg by throwing down like 200 balloons from the balcony at Gloria during “Mad Desire” and do my 10 year anniversary gig.

“The Beast” of Seraphim System drunk as fuck

I met iVardensphere AKA Scott Fox at Resistanz in 2016 and all the nice things they say about Canadians seem to be true. The man was a really polite charismatic gentleman. After seeing them performe live, I was obsessed with getting them to Finland. It was a learning experience for me. Getting drums to a venue that doesn’t have any and organizing the event in co-operation with Anders from Tallinn so that they could continue their tour there took a bit more than I was prepared for. In addition to all that the late cancellation of Riot Kitten’s debut gig really tore my nerves apart and I can’t say it left me in very good terms with the band. Luckily Riot Kitten got to play their debut in Tampere at the Gothic Night New Years party.
We didn’t have a clear plan for Halloween, other than that we want to have a party then. We even had to change the date of the event once. We were thinking of getting one of those big German acts to play, but negotiations with the infamous German Booking agents didn’t go very far. I might try again later, but I much rather work with people that are both able and willing to do a show for a reasonable compensation, rather than argue for days via email. So I contacted Brian of Gothsicles and half jokingly said, if he wanted to do a gig in Helsinki. 2 days and a bit of facebook chit chat on later he had booked himself a ticket and we had ourselves a show! He is one of those guys where at first you wonder “how is this guy so popular?” Then you meet him and see him perform on stage and your jaw drops “Oh, this is why!” In this dark electronic genre everyone is taking themselves a bit too serious from time to time. The Gothsicles are a nice exception. They’re funny, but they’re not making fun of any one but instead having fun with everyone. I don’t think anyone who saw the show at Gloria left there with a sour face.

Backstage with Nightstop & The Gothsicles

We released video footage of our gigs in Gloria too. The Memmaker, Gothsicles and Nightstop gigs are there in pro shot full HD. We also have some more surprises coming up later.


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